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Ok my friends’, for this opportunity, I will continue about my story. Before we have discuss and talk about how to make a good descriptive text writing with my experience example..
This time, I will talk about recount text..
As we know, recount text is kind of text that explain about experience or tell the past time.
Now I will share a little my experience and there is connecting with recount text, this is one example about recount text . and my experience have title is…


One upon the time, I and my friend okto went to senggigi beach for spare time our holiday, we all know senggigi beach is the popular beach in Lombok especially in west Lombok. It also not lose with kuta beach in bali island. In senggigi beach many tourism right domestic tourism and abroad tourism went to senggigi beach, such as from America, Australia, Nederland, japan and many more. I and okto went to senggigi beach by cycle, even though actually it is very impossible if we went to ride it. Because distance from my house to there is very far may be about 10 km. and if we used cycle will be need 2 or 3 hours for arrived there. But I think this is me new experience and my challenging. Because when I still elementary school, I have one dream, that is for adventure around my island that is Lombok island..and this is my time hehehe…
May be I and my friends’ okto is the first person who ride by cycle went to senggigi beach. I think this is my achievement if I finish it..i went to there at 05.00 o’clock in other to when I arrived there about at 08.00 or if late until can 09.00 o’clock am. We are very enjoy our journey, because we can saw many beautiful view as long as on the way, such as green rice field, frees air, long river when we cross the bridges and many more.
On the way I and okto meet my class mate sahril, sahril is my class mate in  XI B  junior high school in labuapi. I saw he being deliver hi mother shopping in traditional market close with his home, the name of traditional market is kebon ruek traditional market. We are very happy meet him, I and okto want to ask him for follow us, but unfortunately he can do not, because he must waiting his mother shopping. So that want not want, we have to continue our journey. Because we are still half journey and need one or two hours for arrived there. After say good bye each other, we continue our trip. May be I hope one day my friends’ sahril can follow us for holiday together to senggigi beach or have fun in other place..
After 2 hours ride by cycle together, finnaly is over, we are arrived in senggigi beach, I and okto very happy cause we are the first people went to senggigi beach by cycle hahahaha..
Actually we are very tired and thirsty, but we had prepare from our home for bring some snack and two bottle drink during on the way..
After break 10 minutes in shadow old tree in the corner of areal park senggigi beach, finally we enter there..but we had pay 4 four thousand rupiah for bought two ticket. After we are in sengigi beach, we straight went to searching good place for break and ate our meal, because we are very hungry, about 20 minutes we break, I had planning for swimming together, because it is not complete if we went to beach not swimming..senggigi beach is very good beach, we can saw white sand and many coconut trees any where..on holyday this place is very crowded right from domestic tourism and abroad tourism, but it is normal, remember this is a nice place and famous place for vocation especially in west Lombok..after I swimming together about one hours, my next target is lesson speaking study with abroad tourism here..because actually my prime purpose I went to this place is study speaking English with native speaker..almost 30 minutes I walking and walking and finally I meet my target people even he not come  from English, but it is enough for me, after introducing each other, I ask where he come from and he answer he come form Nederland ,but his English is very well , because he tell to me, he ever been live in london almost two years. His name is Mr.Anton, and I think he 30 years old, he is very friendly and I very happy talking with him. More two hours we tell about our identity and story each other and it is time I must go home because had seems at 16.00 o’clock..after say good bye, we make schedule for meet again next week, I very happy hear about that, because I can meet him again..

 Ok my friends’ may be that’s all my story about my experience when I holyday together with my friends’ okto, if I have mistake in my story and my write. Critic and suggestion I need. Thank you very much have read and visit my simple blog..
See you next time all my friends’  

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