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Lesion of descriptive writing

Now, I will share little my experience about my class mate, may be this story can be reference for all friends, or can be some example how to make descriptive writing..
This story pure from my experience, so happy reading ok?... and if you have comment and critic from my story, please share to comment box yesss….

                                                            “MY CLASS MATE”

I have one friends’, his name is tibo, tibo is my class mate, other friend usually called like that..
Although actually the real name is kausar, Muhammad kalkausar his complete name,. in the class he include a cleaver boy, because he always got high score when we are final examination done, he has also massage skill, many friend, teacher and his family ask him for massage, and not seldom other people ask him for massage them. If we are have problem in our body. Such as, slip, or fall when we ride cycle, his massage is very nice, because if he massage as, we some time not aware and suddenly sleep hehehe…he never asks pay to us, he always peasant help us and not doubt if the other people get problem in their body.
Another study in the school, we always spare time for playing football or futsal, because we are have a same hobby. We usually playing together on Sunday or on holiday school..he is one of the best player in my football or futsal team, because if we have friendly mach or regional competition in the mataram, we always be the winner, and almost all of goal we get, tibo can make two or 4 that he not seldom get man of the mach during the competition. We are very enjoy playing together. Cause we are play together almost everyday.
On Sunday, we have unique activity, that is jogging or ride cycle together, we went to around mataram city and we usually start at 06.00 o’clock morning in other to on the way we not hot felling when the sun hit us hehehehe..
We have one special place, and this place popular enough in mataram city, it name is udayana park, from my home I think about 4 km, may be it seem very far for you if we using cycle to there..
Udayana park is very good place and cool, why I said like that, because many people on Sunday always spare time together right with their family or their friends’..we can saw many children playing skateboard or teen sit in the corner of the road, there is not pollution we got, cause this place is really free pollution..and That place open from 07.00 until 10.00 o’clock. In the park..
Many our friend we can meet there. Because almost all my friend came to there..we are very happy play together …
But my friend tibo, is very afraid with the girls, cause he never has a girl friend until right now.. actually I sad about that, because only him there is not have girl friend, almost everyday I introducing my friend to him, but he always shame for introduce him to her..
Actually he include a handsome boy, and I think he not hard for search one girl for him..i hope one day he can get a women for his live forever..

Ok my friend may be that’s  all my experience about my class mate..
For next time, I will share with all of you other story that interesting..
Thank you have reading and have visit my simple blog..and see you nice timeeeeeee????


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