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makanan untuk gigi putihWhite teeth will make a more attractive smile. Natural white teeth can fade due to the habit of eating certain foods or beverages such as black tea or coffee. Although it could turn into a yellowish color, that does not mean there is no way to restore the tooth whitening. Currently available options is teeth whitening procedures in various clinics, but if you want a natural way, then it can also be done.
Harold Katz, a dentist Beverly Hills home, explaining that certain foods can also help whiten teeth, such as strawberry, green tea, and dark chocolate.
"To get the best results, so these foods should be eaten after getting out of bed in the morning. Because that's when plaque accumulates on the teeth during sleep a night, "he said.
The more detailed explanation is as follows:
Dark chocolateDark chocolate contains theobromine, a bitter powder that can help strengthen the enamel on the tooth surface. Strong tooth enamel are known to help prevent discoloration of the teeth. However this only applies to dark chocolate only, not other types of chocolate.
Green teaThese drinks contain tannins which can prevent tooth discoloration. The polyphenolic compounds work by preventing the bacteria to stick to teeth. Tannins can also ultimately help reduce unpleasant breath odor.
CheeseThere are still many people who do not know that cheese can increase the pH level of the mouth, thus helping to reduce the acidity in the mouth. This means that the risk of erosion and tooth color change would be decreased. Calcium contained in cheese can also strengthen teeth known.
StrawberriesStrawberries contains malic acid which can clean the brownish color of the teeth. Combine the strawberries with baking soda can be a natural teeth whitening products.
Apples, pears, whole grains, and nutsFoods that are crunchy like a pear, apple, grains, and nuts are known to help scrape plaque and a substance that changes the color of the teeth. besides, the rough texture of foods can also strengthen gums and reduce the risk of gum disease.

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