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                                                                    1. INTRODUCTION

1.1 Background of the study
“Language most shows a man: Speak, that I may see thee”. –Ben Jonson
Most of people judge the other from how good they are at saying something. Therefore, we must pay attention to the way we present something, as in a speech. How to the message in a speech can be conveyed and understood well by the audience.
For example, one day we walk to the downtown, we occasionally would be interested in seeing a crowd of people around an old charlatan. He is in rumpled black suit, he has moustache, bearded and his eyes are a bit red like lack of sleep. Of course the crowd of people do not want to enjoy his style, but they gathered for watching the charlatan convey expertly the messages about the drug efficacy with several performances. Like a magnet, the power of words of that charlatan are able to make the audience do not move for a long time. Actually, the charlatan already have an ability in public speaking that he had not learned in a formal or informal educational institutions.
There is a myth that great speakers are born, “not made,” that somehow certain individuals have the innate ability to stand in front of an audience with no anxiety, and give a moving, dynamic speech. Well, that just isn’t so!
People consider great speakers usually have spent years developing and practicing their skills. They had to start at the beginning and learn the basics of organization, preparation, delivery, and dealing with anxiety. Once the basics were in hand, they had to continue to build their abilities.
Professional athletes constantly practice the basics because they know that without such practice they will not survive. To an outsider, the thought of a professional golfer, for example, spending hour upon hour practicing the basics seems ridiculous. But to that professional, the mastery of those basic skills are the very foundation of success.
Learning to be a better speaker is similar to learning any activity. In the beginning it can be frustrating. After a few lessons in which we learn some theory and practice some of the basic skills, things usually improve. To really learn to do anything well takes constant practice and mastery of the basics.
Speaking is no different, for example present a speech. Before becoming comfortable as a speaker, we need to learn some basic skills and then actively seek places to practice those skills. This may mean walking into our boss’ office and volunteering to give more presentations, or joining a speaking club which allows us to speak in an organized setting. The more experience we gain, the more proficient and comfortable we will become.
If we can convey our ideas attractively, the others may think that we are an attractive person. But not everyone can express his ideas well and attractive, even still a lot of people find it difficult to convey the subject-matter that they have prepared since some of them experience a nervous tension when they come in front of many people, especially in a speech. Because a speech is very close to our daily lives, such as in a Friday preach at the mosque, a ministration at the church, some situations like a commemoration, the dedication speech, speech of eulogy, welcomed the arrival of the guests, the official events, inaugural address, a campaign, etc.
Therefore, the writer would like to divide her knowledge about strategy to present a speech well.
1.2 Scope of the study
The main purpose of presenting a speech to convey the messages contained in the speech to be understood by the audience, so the writer would like to devide several strategies to present a speech.
- How to prepare ourselves to present a speech,
- how to prepare the subject,
- how to use body language effectively,
- how to use visuals and graphics,
- of course, how to deliver what we have prepared.
1.3 Purpose of the study
We present a speech to convey a message to the audience. Therefore, this paper aims to help to develop the necessary skills to give more confident, enthusiastic and persuasive presentations.
The writer hopes in the presence of this paper will contibute the readers give a good and attractive presentation. If we give an attractive presentation, so, the audience will be interested to listen carefully. Nevertheless, if we give a boring presentation and difficult to understand, so, the message would be difficult conveyed to the audience.
1.4 Significance of the study
We already know that the ability to present a speech well to be necessary nowadays, especially in the work place. Because someone with a good ability in
this topic is needed in this globalization era that an increasingly broad and easy. Therefore, many people are encouraged to discuss this topic specifically and systematically. From a source said that in the big countries, like the United States have made some majors related to this topic with a Master degree. Approximately 294 colleges of this country opening the majors like Speech, Public Speaking and Debating, etc.
Those statement tell us that the learning to present a speech is able to help us to stand the broad world outside. Thus, the writer expects this paper will have a contribution to the readers to prepare a presentation of speech that may be equipped in the future.
1.5 Method of the study
For completing the materials of this paper, the writer has applied known as the book stores, library and internet research. In the book stores, the writer finds and selects some books, and buys the books that supports the main topic. In the library research, the writer reads some references related to Strategy to Present A Speech and gets some information about this topic. Another possibility, the writer also gathers the materials from the Internet Website.

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