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1.1. Background of the study
The title of this thesis is good and evil in Human behavior found in the novel The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho. This thesis discuss about human behavior, morality, and the Novel. Kimball Young defines behavior are a combination of present stimulation and the play of pre-existing attitudes, habits, and values (1958:291). It means that all of human behaviors are influenced by culture, attitudes, emotions, values, ethnics, authority, genetics, persuasion, and coercion. Morality is the differentiation decision of people in making an action which is divided into good and evil action. The way people run this life is different and of course another person is free to make a judgment about someone or something and it is called perception. Men are continually expressing judgments about their own conduct and that of their fellow men. Some are approved and are called right or good, other acts are condemned and are called wrong or evil. Whether someone’s behavior is good or evil based on the deeds or by the quality of the things they have done. Someone behavior, habit, and morality can be influenced by their family and society around them because human born without any experience, they are grow up and learning from their family and the society around.
Novel is a kind of literature which are include as narrative fiction. Literature is an art from the writer. It means the writer uses artistic language with beauty that different from daily use language, newspaper, medical, book of law, and etc. Beside the beauty, literary work is also created with special mission from the writer,

especially telling about society because the function of literature can be as social document or portrait of society. Literature as social document or portrait of society means that literary work has a definite relationship with society; it is a reflection of society and man’s mind. Literary work is designied to potray human life and action through some characters, literature imitate human action, often presents a picture of what people think, say and do in society. in other word, literary work is an accurate image of what we see in real life, it reflects the various aspects of society, it deals with the lives of men and women in society. Wellek and Warren (1997:1) stated, literature can be treated as a document in the history of ideas and philosophy for literary history parallels and reflects intellectual history.
Novel is long prose narrative that describes fictional character and events, usually in the form of sequential story. Novel deals with imagination, with human experience involving a group of person in a specific setting. Novel is literary work deals with the real life of society. Novel as a literary work has intrinsic and extrinsic element. The intrinsic elements are character, plot, setting, theme, point of view, message, and style of language. But this thesis focused only on the character. Character is the person who participate in the work. Roberts (1995:51) defines character as one of the intrinsic elements of the novel, is a reasonable human being, with all good and bad traits of being human. Characters are the persons in a narrative who are interpreted by reader as being enclosed with moral and dispositional qualities that are expressed in their action. The extrinsic element of novel is such as the ideas of philosophy, social phenomenon, moral, etc. So it is clear that if someone wants to know further about the history or the real condition in certain era, it is better
to look at the literary works in the period itself because a literary work is a directly reflection of human being, social structure, class struggle and others.
The character live in society. Society has the custom and the custom has the standard conduct. The character learns to follow models of conduct which are suggested to him by others, they act one way and others reward them. A character may be valued from what she or he has done or what she or he has said in his or her interaction. Kennedy (1983:48) divided character as flat and round character. Flat character has only one outstanding trait or feature, or at most a few distinguishing marks. Round character has so many outstanding traits or features, the author portray them in greater depth and in more generous detail. Flat characters tend to say the same throughout a story while round characters often change-learn or become enlightened, grow or deteriorate. In this thesis, the flat characters to be analyzed are the landowner and the priest and the round characters are the Stranger and Miss Prym.
The Devil and Miss Prym was written by Paulo Coelho in 2000. This novel has a nice story charged with emotion, in which the integrity of being human meets a terrifying test. It is talking about a community in a village called Viscos devoured by greed, they even prefer gold to someone’s life, they disloyalty toward God, and they became an obedient society just because they are afraid to face the leader of the village. A pasteur who tell a wrong doctrine about God while he know the truth about God. A man called the Stranger persecuted by the ghost of his painful past and looking for the answer of his question about human being and a woman searching for happiness trapped by the Stranger to help him in telling his plan to the society of Viscos. The society is the target of the Stranger to do a murderer to get ten gold bars.
In one week, each will face the question of life, death, and power, and each will choose a path.
Paulo Coelho as the writer of The Devil and Miss Prym also has his own purpose in writing this novel. One of the purposes is to tell the reader about good and evil of human behavior reflected by the characters. There are four bad or evil attitudes found in this novel, they are selfishness, blasphemy, greed and mislead, and also good attitude, they are courage and wisdom. Miss Prym is a young woman who wants to leave Viscos because Viscos is just like a hell for her but she cannot leaves because she does not have some money. Since the Stranger ask her to provocative the society to kill someone so that she will get one of the eleven gold bars and the society will get ten gold bars, she starts to refrain herself to not go in to the stranger evil plan. She does not want anyone dead in Viscos just because of the gold bars. When the society choose Berta as the sacrifice which they called martyr, Miss Prym braves to against the society and save Berta’s life.
In finishing this thesis, the writer use qualitative descriptive method because the data of this thesis is in the words form.
1.2. Problem of the Study
Based on the statement above, the writer point out that the problems of analysis are:
1. Who are the characters that reflect good and evil of human behavior in the novel?
2. What is the kind of the good and evil in human behavior found in the novel The Devil and Miss Prym? Universitas Sumatera Utara
1.3. Objective of the Study
The objective of this study tends to answer the question of the study. Therefore, the purpose of this research is:
1. To describe the characters who are reflect the good and evil of human behavior in the novel.
2. To describe the kind of the good and evil in human behavior found in the novel The Devil and Miss Prym.
1.4. Scope of the Study
The writer limits the scope of the study on the analysis the materials of The Devil and Miss Prym focused on Good and evil of the characters. The good behaviors are about courage and wisdom which is done by Prym and the evil behaviors are about selfishness and blasphemy done by the Stranger, greed by the landowner, and mislead by the priest.
1.5. Significance of the Study
The significance of this study is to give a contribution to the development of literary study, especially in analyzing a novel. It is hoped to enrich literary study in terms of goodness and badness. Theoretically, the result of this research is also expected to be useful for the readers to know about good and evil which exist in each human behavior. After reading this research, the readers are expected to be aware about the impact of being good or evil. Practically, this thesis can be used as a reference to the others to discuss about moral.


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